I am a UI/UX Visual designer who approaches product design with a Human-Centred approach. 
Evaluating the end product user-need, sketching, developing ideation, and driving UI principles and accessibility.
Collaborating with departments across the board, presenting documents, sharing the journey and learnings with other departments and championing GDS Government standards throughout. Working on big volume User-Centred public-facing products, I have been distilling complex content to create simple solutions for the public, using UI/UX Visual Graphic design.
Proud to have created and developed 3 new products from start to completion, that are now considered ‘Gold Standard’ Human-Centred designs for Public Sector print & online. They have gone out to 65 million+ users. 
These ‘Gold Standard’ products were:
• Reinventing the Easy Read products for cognitively challenged and disabled users, which received excellent User feedback and results.
• Redeveloping the COVID-19 public-facing informational products, creating new icons and a new visual approach.
• Creating new Patient information designs that became the Gold standard for Deloitte products. 
Thank you!
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