Hello, I'm Andrew, a graphic designer who became a UX/UI designer and Product designer, aligning all the skills learnt in communication, Art directing and Design Principles.

I specialise in helping companies create engaging, user-centric products that firmly place the end user at the centre of the design process, and ensure user accessibility needs and expectations are met. 
My approach blends a deep empathy for users, with a robust focus on User-Centred Design (UCD), Government Digital Service (GDS) and Learning & Development (L&D) and expertise in Graphic Design, enabling a unique perspective and allowing me to create aesthetic appeal with user functionality. 

Key areas of Expertise and Tools:
Proficient in product and UX/UI design using Figma, InDesign, and Adobe CC.
Skilled in Research & Analysis through A/B testing, usability testing, and user journey mapping.
Effective in Collaboration & Leadership, leading cross-functional teams and engaging with stakeholders.
Strong foundation in Graphic Design, encompassing visual communication, typography, colour theory, and tools like Figma, Miro, Jira and Adobe Creative Suite.

Tech stack:
Product Design, UX Designer, User Experience, User Persona, Journey Map, Wireframe, Mockups, Prototype, UI, User Interface, Design, Miro, Figma, UX Designer, Presentation Design, 0-1 Startup, Creative Solutions, Accessibility & Inclusivity, GDS, L&D, Commercial Graphic Design.

Clients I've recently worked for in 'deep dive' Lead design roles.

Professional Experience Highlights
Healthcare Start-Up 0-1 / Sitekit
Lead Product Designer
Tackled significant challenges facing adults entering the social home care system. As the UX/UI designer at a Healthcare consultancy start-up, my role was to interpret key challenges facing adults entering the social home care system, creating solutions to improve the navigation and accessibility for users finding the care service they need.

NHS, DHSC, UK Health Security Authority
Lead Product, UX Design, Visual Designer 
I played a pivotal role in the NHS COVID-19 response, leveraging my expertise in graphic design and UX/UI to innovate healthcare solutions. 
My initiatives included pipeline ideas, and animated mobile app concepts which integrated gamification elements, including supermarket-style loyalty points to incentivise COVID testing. 
This significant contribution led to my leadership of a newly established information design department, where I spearheaded the design operations for two years.
• Gold Standard for User-Centred Design: Recognised for crafting three exemplary user-centred designs for NHS and UKHSA's COVID-19 initiatives, impacting over 85 million users.
• Critical Production Error Solution: Commended for identifying and resolving production issues, safeguarding the distribution of 55 million COVID-19 test kits.
• Gold Standard for 'Cognitively Challenged Easy Reads': Awarded for designing accessible COVID-19 information products that received universal acclaim upon deployment.

Cybersecurity / The Security Company /TSC
E-learning, UX Design and Graphic Design for Cyber Security 
As a UX Designer in the cybersecurity field, I implemented engaging e-learning programs aimed at behavioural change and heightened security awareness. 
Excelling at ideation and creation of Gamification Learning, met with positive feedback. 
I am also adept at creating elegant solutions from complex information, for desktop, mobile and SaaS, and user-centric cybersecurity, financial risk, and corporate risk training programmes.

My projects included:
• Innovative E-learning Products: Focused on creating user-centric designs for cybersecurity, financial risk, and corporate risk training programs.
• Gamification of Learning: Successfully integrated game mechanics into e-learning platforms to enhance user engagement and learning outcomes.

Grist / Thought Leadership company
Lead Design / User Experience / Graphic designer
Initiated a wide range of B2B, and B2C product designs, pitching for various business clients, crafting tender and pitch documents resulting in winning new business and opportunities.
• Redesigned B2B and B2C products for notable clients, including NHS Education, Litigation, Willis, ACE International, HFW, and JLT, utilising graphic design and digital UX design skills, design thinking and strategic design.
• Achieved YoY repeat business and revenue growth with exceptional design solutions.

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