Implementing technology to address user engagement challenges in security training, delivering solutions that enhance user participation, enjoyment, learning, and overall awareness.

Our staff are not engaging with our security training 
My Solution  
Create a 'Buzz', give users a reason to engage with a great interface 
I thoroughly researched the company's requirements, staff personas, and user pain points. Based on this analysis, I developed an innovative idea to introduce a new platform that strikes a balance between professionalism and user-friendly features. Incorporating gamification, the platform incentivises friendly competition, enhancing the learning journey by integrating interactive elements that place the user at the centre of the activity.

Inspired by the Augmented Reality technology methods popularised by Pokémon Go, I aimed to create an effective learning product that encourages active engagement.

Design thinking 
Paper Prototyping sketches & development
Initial design sketches to demonstrate the concept, idea and working ideas for the AR dashboard.
I then sketched ideas for prompts, and a control dashboard.
I then sketched ideas for prompts, and a control dashboard.
Dynamic Dashboards
Dashboard design considers human habit and interaction
A consistent, easy-to-access planned dashboard, building user familiarity and speed of use enabling help, tips, and scorecard viewing while in easy comfortable hand-access screen areas.   

Always improving
Iterative stages of refinement to the journey
I revisited the app with a focus on user needs and environments, aiming to make the product user-friendly and hands-on. I tested the ergonomic portrait mobile mode and created paper sketches for ideas and journey plans. One concept included a slide-out panel with guides and help icons to enhance usability and accessibility.

Mini journey plan with loading logo and templates
Mini journey plan with loading logo and templates

Brand creation
Why I named it 'What the Risk'
The name plays on the surprise of 'What the --- ' and plays on the fact many users are unaware of many everyday risks.
I created a consistent brand, with colour, typography and font style, to be eye-catching, and establish clarity for actions, responses, and learning. 

Brand style UI Designer, UX and Product design, mobile app design for elearning
Dashboard user-centred clarity
Redefining UX ergonomics for tablets and iPad use.
I refined the design and elements for an iPad/tablet version, visualising wireframe guides to demonstrate options and easy-to-use handling of the screen for user interaction.
The Result & Benefits
Engaging staff, friendly competition, increased awareness & response. 
While testing, upon finding 2 items, users were so engaged they wanted to complete the app and find the entire collection. The sign of one true source, creating a Buzz and an emotional connection, by successfully integrating game mechanics into e-learning platforms, enhancing user engagement and learning outcomes.
Team togetherness was created, with the CEO and head of IT competing to be top of the scoreboard, to the extent one hacked into the scoreboard to always be 1 point ahead of the other. 

Prototype file created to demonstrate AR interactive functions.  

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