UKHSA data visualisation
I reviewed the Government User Research and white paper created by the MHRA (Medical Health Research Authority), in collaboration with Deloitte, to develop a Patient Information guide for Doctors and Pharmacists.
Recognising the complexity of the 2000+ word document, I advocated for simplification, emphasising that users may not have the time or capacity to digest such intricate information. I undertook the task of breaking down the content into clear, digestible chunks, supplemented with visuals and a simplified flow chart. This approach set a Gold Standard for the NHS and Deloitte in handling complex instructions effectively.
Versions and development 
Creating interactive guides and infographics to demonstrate stay-at-home protocols as the pandemic evolved. Translating everyday household interactions into visual, easy-to-follow guides for enhanced understanding and compliance.
Final Guide for Pharmacists and Nurses
The Final Guide simplifies the process of taking a double COVID test, explaining how the two-stage test works in a clear and straightforward manner.
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