Staff Safety Awareness site for daily use, serving as a guardian and source of reassurance, for staff across all company departments, with rapid risk response options.

We need a Tool for easy access, guidance & staff support 
My Solution:
Create rapid assistance & Awareness, with useful guides 
I wanted to create a glossary of terms feel to this, something easily available, enabling users to learn about real-time risks. I thought about all the acronyms and confusing expressions used, and how staff may be afraid to ask what each one is, so I innovated an approach, putting the knowledge of the user and their curiosity at the front of the product.  

a versatile pattern
Wireframes for human-centred functionality 
With a focus on meeting the end users' needs for situational advice or urgent assistance, I carefully planned screens and design patterns with an emphasis on simplicity, cleanliness, and spacing to enhance user interaction.
I analysed the data, broke the information architecture down into sections, and championed the safety aspect of an immediate Report Incident emergency Cyber Breach or Malware event. 

design for emergency 
Acronyms and information, defined and available
Developed for daily use across the company, serving as a source of reassurance and go-to help with crisp icons and distinct colour coding to enhance user recognition, enabling swift access to relevant content. 
When tested, received positive feedback for overall function, increasing awareness, response and unified company cohesion on risk.
build for guidance and support
Easy access for shop floor, office, and customer-facing staff
Large buttons are used, for easy interaction, when faced with a rapid response risk scenario. 
I developed a colour code for each section and pipelined the idea for an emergency button if fraud is suspected or the user feels at risk and may be uncertain of how to react. This is built for Guidance and support. 

the result & Benefits
Instant support and assistance

Users can read about virus risks and cyber dangers. 
Access information they may have been embarrassed to ask about, feeling like they were expected to know. 
Define Acronyms and speed up understanding.
Combines clear design with function, learning and engaging service design. 
Great feedback and user satisfaction.
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