Andrew Beswick

UX/UI Visual design, UCD thinking, Creative online and Graphic design

NHS 'Easy Read' GDS design
Redesign for inclusivity and accessibility with a human-centred approach design for urgent release during the pandemic.
Easy Read micro App design
Taking my Easy read design and creating a clear app, with vital messages yet simple and clean for users under pressure.
NHS test kit redesign for UK public use
Rapid redesign of the NHS test kit product, using initial UR to be clear and GDS user-friendly for UK public.
Travel app prototype
A fun interactive holiday selection tool, with guides to match
NHS GDS design solution
How I took a 1000+ word medical document and made it user-friendly
DXC Global Technology
Company training and guidance e-learning
Augmented Reality challenge app
Adding gamification to a corporate mobile learning app
Intranet tool for teams
Knowledge Zone and user based design to offer help for public-facing staff.
NHS/ UKHSA icons
Globally used icons crafted for instant clarity, style and function
Accessibility & Inclusivity
Created new Easy Read design for users with cognitive and physical challenges
NHS app design
Designed clearer routes and journeys to access localised health centres
Test kit redesign for NHS
Redesigned the COVID-19 Guidebook for UK Public use and 150 million products
UK Drive-through guides
Online kit for heads of Universities to manage COVID tests and planning
Micro site for test kits
Quick access site explaining tests, with recognition and guidance
Desktop Staff Zone
Intranet training and staff zone for corporate teams
NHS University info packs
Designed for heads of Universities to manage COVID tests and planning
Intranet staff training
Johnson Matthey staff training modules designed for worldwide use
Healthcare e-learning
Learning outcomes for training and educationl purposes
NHS Schools info packs
Online kit for heads of Schools to manage COVID tests and planning
FCA safety training
Financial Conducts Authority cyber security online learning training
Corporate Video Tree
Decision journey interactive product staff security and wellbeing training
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