Andrew Beswick

Visual UI/UX design | Human-Centred design

User Based App Prototype
Mobile design Easy Read pattern prototype for cognitively challenged users.
COVID-19 healthcare pack
Design for COVID-19 guide, from start to completion. Concept and icons created for easier UCD recognition.
Easy Read for COVID-19
Online accessible versions for users who are cognitively challenged, disabled and require help
Icon design for UKHSA & NHS
New user centred icons design Pandemic response Micro Site
COVID-19 easy read web site
NHS app Navigation Tool
UI/UX redesign of NHS Test Site finder after User research, to be more intuitive & human centred.
COVID-19 information pack, in print & online
Drive-through testing
Maintaining consistency and schemata for users, creating new clear icons for accessibility
Augmented Reality app
Office training Augmented Reality app, created for Office Security training and awareness.
DXC Global Technology
Security awareness product for DXC Global agents working & travelling with confidential information.
NHS Presentation for Co-Branding
Created in several formats to demonstrate how to add the HNS brand to Local Authority products.
Whitbread Knowledge Zone
Knowledge Zone created for staff facing everyday cyber fraud. Designed for all user skill levels.
Whitbread Staff Zone
COVID test site Signage
Signage designed at a sprint for national use and clear guidance in testing sites across the UK.
NHS app designs
Design introducing user centred glossary of terms, to aid public understanding of terms used in Covid testing.
NHS University Covid
Presentation sent out to guide Universities setting up a Track and Trace Covid test site on Campus.
Johnson Matthey online
Accompanying the presentation, JM required staff training in several modules and multiple languages.
NHS app development
Simplification of search steps function
Johnson Matthey
Healthcare knowledge zone & staff training site
NHS Schools Covid pack
DHSC handbook provided as a User friendly Guide to Covid testing for UK Schools and Colleges
NHS Test Site Finder
Strategy, planning and redesign of site finding tool for app, shortening the process to a few clicks
FCO services animation
Supply Chain Information and Instructional learning module covering supply chain eLearning.
Pandemic working guide
Created as a friendly fun instructional guide for staff working from home during Covid.
Corporate Training Video
Visual design, graphics to accompany a POV video allowing the user to chose a scenario to play out.
Luxury Travel site
Relaunch of a bespoke Travel Company website. Created a clean easy access journey and interaction.
Liberty Global Telecoms
Animation storyboard for staff training
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